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Plus, if you do fall silent, that’s completely normal.Many museums and galleries large towns and cities offer late opening hours, especially in the summer, which are even better suited to introvert dating.In fact, not only can introverts be interesting and witty but they do like conversation.They prefer conversation to small talk and small groups rather than large crowds. First date nerves are normal but introverted people often feel anxious at the thought of having to start conversations, make small talk and be comfortable in a crowded space.You may be so exhausted from the work week that spending your weekends dating isn’t leading to anything satisfying.Or the process of getting a date may feel like so much work that you are already drained by the thought of showing up and meeting someone new.Introverts feel drained in large groups or in party settings, which can often make them appear antisocial.

We’d recommend looking out for Everyman cinemas, Picturehouse, and the Electric.

There are so many different types of tours to choose from, everything from ghost walks to famous film locations.

Check out your local tourist board’s website to find out what’s available near you.

Introverts need time to process things on their own and enjoy spending time alone, but when they meet someone they connect with, they can be great friends and and can create strong relationships. Cast your votes below for the best dating tips for introverted people.

Introverts are naturally reserved and can easily become overpowered by an extrovert, but that doesn't mean they are only seeking introverts to date. Introverts are naturally curious, so project those questions outward by asking your date questions about him or herself.

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The key is finding a balance, communicating with each other, and listening to your gut. You'll learn a lot and keep the conversation flowing without having to trudge through any small talk.

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